Why start this page with ‘Dare to Dream’? Well, apart from this being Loki’s registered name, it’s also become a bit of a motto for us. Loki exploded into my life like a whirlwind in September 2016. I’d wanted a border collie for years, but the time just hadn’t been right. It still wasn’t, to be honest, but the chance arose to give this fiery red girl a home, so I jumped at it. 

Loki was the only girl in a litter of five. She was the smallest by far, but she was brave, and curious, and wild, and she just had so much love to give. Within days of coming home, she had earnt herself the nickname of The Atomic Badger – she was a tornado of joy, and energy, and really sharp little puppy teeth.

Loki is now thirteen months old, and instead of bouncing off walls, she puts most of her enthusiasm into snuggles and napping. We sometimes joke that we have a faulty border collie, because she really is the most relaxed, chilled out pupper. She also adores learning new tricks and going for long walks away from the rest of the world.

As for me, I’m a 27-year-old lover of the outdoors, photography, and cups of tea. I’m coming to the end of a PhD at the University of Sheffield, and feel very lucky to live at at the edge of the beautiful Peak District. Before moving here, I spent most of my life in Scotland and Germany. We plan to move back up north some time in 2018. But before then, there are still plenty of adventures to be had down here! Watch this space for all of the exciting things Loki and I have planned.