Blog posts… they’re like buses! None for ages, and then three come along at once. At least that seems to be how it is here at The Firefox Fables! Time to share one of my absolute favourite handmade accessory shops: Luna’s Loft! You can find Luna’s Loft on Instagram at This amazing shop is headed up by Hannah, alongside her two beautiful border collies, Luna and Aurora (you can also catch them on Insta at @colliecomforts). Read on for our review and 10% discount code!

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit sceptical about bandanas. Not bandanas in general, but Loki with bandanas. I had a suspicion that a bandana would last about 6½ minutes before being totally destroyed. However, when we won a bandana from Luna’s Loft in the @adventuresofdoodles spring competition, I was very excited to give it a go. Hannah kindly offered us a choice of fabrics, and I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous spring/woodland number.

My first thought was how beautifully constructed the bandana was. It’s not just one sheet of fabric – the patterned fabric is lined with a neutral tone on the back, giving the whole bandana a bit more weight and a really high quality feel. I have no idea how Hannah manages this (must be wizardry!), but the stitching is also completely hidden, giving the bandana an amazingly neat and professional finish. The little wooden button at the front totally completes it!

As well as being really great pyjamas/loungewear, this bandana really stood up to being worn in the great outdoors! As I hesitantly tied the pretty bow around Loki’s neck before letting her dash off into the bushes at one of our favourite haunts, I was fully expecting it to come back in a rather bedraggled condition, never to be picture perfect again. In the spirit of fair and rigorous testing, Loki definitely put this bandana through its paces. Off she went – rummaging under hedges, belly-sliding under fences, racing through wet grass, and trampling through the woods to track down that squirrel that got away from her last time. 

I’m pleased to report that this bandana coped with it all! It was a little bit mucky (mainly thanks to Loki discovering that she can actually squeeze under a gate that she usually waits for me to open!), but otherwise completely unharmed. It looked super cute on the little fox as she went about her usual frolicking, and even got a compliment from a passerby who asked where I’d bought it. 

[easy-image-collage id=725]

Loki and I definitely give Luna’s Loft a big paws up! Hannah also makes beautiful rope leashes, collars, bow ties, and more! Check out the store on Etsy: Below are some of Loki’s favourite items in the current line-up. Which Luna’s Loft design is your favourite?! If you decide to treat your pup, be sure to use this discount code for 10% off: LOKI10.