I’ve finally launched the blog! Woohoo! It’s only taken about eight weeks to get here. Everything seems to happen extremely quickly or extremely slowly in my life; the blog turned out to be the latter. I was starting to feel a bit limited by Instagram, so decided it was time to create a space for longer posts about Loki’s adventures. 

So why The Firefox Fables? With Loki’s pointy ears, fiery coat, and mischievous nature, she’s been affectionately known as my firefox for a long time now. I often feel like my life with Loki is part of a magical tale about a girl and her spirit animal, so ‘fables’ just seemed to fit for documenting our adventures. 

This blog will cover all sorts of topics, from the places we go, to homemade treats, training tips, accessories, photography, and everything in between! If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to read about, comment below!